Day 1 of 52 weeks

So for the past few years, every year, I have been trying to complete a 52 week photo challenge. And I have failed every year. Life just gets in the way, or I get stuck on a challenge... then the weeks snowball together and it's just too much to catch up on and I don't finish it. But every year, January 1st, I start again, hoping that this will be the year I finish it. So here's my first post, once again.

The first challenge is a Self Portrait... which for me, is always hard. I love being behind the camera. Being in front of it is something completely different, but I decided to challenge myself and come up with something. And I'm shocked, because I actually like the pictures.

Normally, a self portrait would just be a quick selfie with my phone, but this time, I decided to actually try a portrait. Only took about 20 minutes, and a few outfit changes, for me to get something I liked.

So my advice to you, try something new. Put a little extra effort into something and you just might find that you get a bigger reward out of it.

#portrait #selfportrait #photography #steelphotography #winter #cold #tea #coffee #morning #warm #picture #selfie

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